About Us

WearUat represents trendy fashionable minds with a love for cool threads. The name comes from our multinational backgrounds that includes the USA, Puerto Rico, Africa, China, the Caribbean, Ireland, and France… both individuals who founded WearUat came from different backgrounds with roots in all of those placese. Our motto - We all come from different places... In the end, it don’t matter where you’re from, it’s WearU@.

 Launched in Queens New York, WearUat was inspired by our passion for sport, culture, travel, music and of course fashion. Volunteering and our genuine passion for giving back to communities is one major reason we’ve decided to give back a portion of our earnings to charity. Not only are we giving back, but we’re also inclusive, giving our clients the chance to choose their own charity to have donations made on their behalf. This genuine, and this true, is something that’s never been seen before. Email us your preferred charities and we will work towards adding them to our list. Many thanks for your support.